Are Cargo Pants Cool?

Why are cargo pants bad?

If the only issue was a few extra pockets, that would be one thing. But the extra pockets also add considerable weight and bulk to the shorts, dragging them down further from your hips. Cargo shorts also completely ruin any balanced silhouette you might have. Balance is very important in dressing properly.

How do I choose cargo pants?

Both women and men should choose pants that fit well in the waist without being too baggy or too tight. Loose pants may add bulk rather than hide it, but pants should not cut into the skin. One or two fingers should fit comfortably between the pants and you waistline.

Can I hike in cargo pants?

Yes, they are. A cargo pant is good for hiking, as it has a lot of pockets, where you store maps, compass, and gear. But the pant shouldn't be made from cotton, as this causes problems when hiking.

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