Are Cargo Pants the Same as Jeans?

What is the difference between cargo pants and carpenter pants?

First, cargo pants are usually loose-fitting and have one or more flap pockets running down the thighs. Carpenter pants, on the other hand, are identified easily by the hammer loop sewn into the upper side of the leg. Both generally have relaxed, straight-leg silhouettes.

Why cargo pants are better than jeans?

Cargo Pants Pros They are: Full of space for holding things! Lightweight with an all-purpose fit that's never too tight. Simple and utilitarian, these are no-fuss workhorses.

Who made cargo pants popular?

Following a “trickle up” theory of how fashions spread, cargo pants first were worn as fashion by urban hip-hop performers in the 1990s. This trend flowed up to the mass market; cargo pants were ubiquitous at almost any men's or women's clothing retailer at this time.

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