What Are Cargo Pants?

What is considered a cargo pants?

The definition of cargo pants are a style of casual trousers that have multiple large pockets, some of which are typically on the side of the upper leg. An example of cargo pants are slacks worn by a man who carries water, keys, a drink and an iPhone in multiple different pockets.



What are cargo pants good for?

Cargo pants were originally loose-fitting pants designed for tough, outdoorsy conditions in keeping with their military origins. While some might think they can look funny, especially when overstuffed with things, nobody can deny that pants with extra pockets are extremely useful when you're loaded down.



What is the difference between cargo pants and chinos?

There is a slight similarity to Cargo trousers (a.k.a khakis) in terms of both the cut and the style. ... The stitching on Chinos is also hidden and cargo pants tend to be baggier than Chinos. Overall, cargo pants have a far more informal and practical feel.



Are cargo pants the same as jeans?

Cargo jeans, like carpenter jeans, are denim-based trousers that feature extra pockets on the sides. Also referred to as “combat pants,” they offer a greater level of utility than traditional jeans. As previously mentioned, most jeans are designed with about four pockets: two on the front and two in the back.


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