What are Cargo Pants Good for?

Are cargo pants cool?

Cargo pants aren't necessarily new, but the throwback style's comeback is bigger than ever this year. These pants/bottoms are super stylish yet extremely comfy, with large pockets being a major plus.


Are cargo pants still in style?

If you needed more proof that the fashion trends of the 90s are back in full swing, cargo pants are having a resurgence. After slouchy denim, low-rise jeans, and Uggs made a comeback, cargo pants have squeezed their way into the style trend cycle too.


Should cargo pants be tight?

Originally created as workwear, cargo pants are meant to fit loosely. Cargos that fit too tightly will leave the pockets bulging out at the sides when filled. Go for cargos that are straight cut, or slim-cut at max, which should provide ample space to move about.


Are cargo pants waterproof?

When you buy a water resistant or water repellent cargo pants, these types of pants are built to fend off only mist and light precipitation. ... If you need protection against heavy rain, you will need a “waterproof” cargo pant.


What year were cargo pants popular?

By the mid-to-late 1990s, cargo shorts found popularity among mainstream men's fashion. In 2012, Tim Gunn observed that while the pockets were undeniably useful for carrying things for work or other everyday tools, cargo shorts were more practical than elegant.


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