What is the Difference Between Cargo Pants and Chinos?

Are cargo pants formal?

Cargo pants are plain khaki pants with 2 or more pockets added, and sometimes come with their own canvas or drawstring belt. They are handy for outdoor work, or storing a mid-afternoon snack, are very comfortable and very casual looking. Basically, if there is a pocket below your hip pocket, it is a cargo pant.


Are chino pants denim?

Different types of fabric are used in jeans and chinos. Jeans, by definition, are made of denim, whereas chinos are made of chino cloth. Both types of pants are essentially made of cotton, but jeans are made of cotton denim, whereas chinos are made of cotton chino.


When did cargo pants go out of style?

Though cargo shorts enjoyed popularity through the 2000s, the first half of this decade saw a bit decline in their sales. Still, there are many diehards who consider the cargo shorts a way of life. They consider cargo shorts convenient, comfy, and all-around fine to wear for all occasions.


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